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  • Non-Profit Tour | Florida Water Warriors

Community Science Tour

Quick Details

Become a Marine Scientist! On this cruise we test the quality of water, look at microorganisms and figure out what it all means! This hands on tour will give you an experience on the water you will not forget.

Activities you will do with us!

  • Wildlife Logging
  • Plankton Sampling
  • Water Quality Testing

This cruise is a part of Florida Water Warrior and raises funds to help support our educational programming. This tour is only 5 Dollars and each cent goes to providing educational cruises for our students. These cruises act as our main fundraiser, so donations are appreciated!  Our suggested donation is $10, and a donation of that size can sponsor a cruise of 10 students! Come enjoy the water and make a real difference in your community.

$5 - Donations Appreciated!
$ 5

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