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Local Guide

Our Recommended St. Augustine Places

Inflatable Border

Did you know that our charming St. Augustine is one of the best locations in the entire state of Florida for stand up paddle boarding? With amazing spots like the Matanzas River and Faver Dyke’s State Park, it’s not difficult to see why. Our friends over at have published a free guide on Florida paddle boarding and our very own St. Augustine is one of their top picks — be sure to check it out!

Meehan’s Irish Pub

This is my absolute favorite place to eat, drink and have a good time in downtown St. Augustine! It is 3 amazing restaurants in one located right on the bay-front. You can sit on the patio and enjoy the best Irish meal around, grab a cocktail in the Famous Johnny’s Oyster Bar upstairs while over looking the bay on the balcony, or hang out in The Backyard – Island Cafe and Tropical Bar (which is where I spend most of my time). Here, you will find a mix of some pretty wonderful people. From the guests visiting from all different places of the world, to the locals who love to spend there free time there and tell stories of the amazing and never forgotten man who built this place, and the most incredible staff you will ever encounter.