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4 Reasons To Get Married On The Water


Imagine, your wedding day, standing side by side with the love of your life reciting your vows, backdropped by waves gently crashing on shore, sunset lighting your ceremony and visited by a pod of dolphins! St. Augustine is a premier wedding destination, and the waterway is the best venue of all. Nothing is more romantic than a trip on the water, so when you are planning your wedding skip all the expensive venues and look to the water! 



  1. The Views

Sunsets, waves, and downtown views are the best possible backdrop for any St. Augustine wedding. Use a boat to take your guests to a party and on a sightseeing tour. Exchanging solemn vows in front of the Atlantic Ocean will create an experience your guests will never forget. Plus think of all the amazing wedding photos you can look at for years to come!

  1. The Guests

Yes the boat will be a little tighter on space, so if you want to invite 250 people it may not be the solution for you. But if you are interested in an intimate ceremony, then there is no better place than the boat! Especially since dolphins, sharks, manatees and other surprise guests will be able to join you! 

a bird swimming in water next to the ocean


  1. The Price

Weddings are expensive! Venues can take up a large chunk of a wedding budget, but when you choose to have your wedding on the water you find a lot more affordable options. You can get stunning sunsets and a salty breeze at your venue all for less than 1,000 dollars. So if you want to spend more on the honeymoon than the wedding, the boat could be the perfect venue for you!


  1. All Inclusive 

When your wedding is all on a boat, all the bells and whistles need to be there! Finding the right boat wedding package will include all the extra services that will make your wedding memorable. Officiant, decorating, drinks and even bride pickups are part of the right boat package! 

wine in glasses with ocean and sunset



  1. Have a rain date

Since you will be on the water, weather will be a big deal! Make sure in your planning that you have a backup in case of rain, especially when you live in the Florida weather. The right boat will have a good plan for inclement weather. 


  1. Make sure to wear sunscreen

Prepare for a boat wedding like you would any outdoor wedding. Sunscreen and sunglasses will be important. If you are planning a summer wedding, make sure to take the temperature into consideration. 


  1. Update your guests on the dress code 

Short dresses and mini skirts are not a good fit for an outdoor boat wedding, the breeze WILL be an issue. Make sure when you send out your invitation that you let everyone know what to wear. 

a woman standing next to a body of water




If the venue is too small and intimate for your ceremony, consider the boat for your rehearsal dinner. Lots of boats will let you bring your own catering and it is the perfect location to welcome your bridal party. It could also be a good choice for your bachelor and bachelorette party! Rent out the boat for just you and your gals, play whatever music you want and let loose for a night of fun on the water!

a group of people standing in front of a building



So where in St. Augustine is the best place for your wedding on the water? Florida Water Tours offers all inclusive wedding packages starting at as little as 475! The boat comes with charming guides that will help tailor your wedding for exactly what you want. The route goes out by the St Augustine inlets and then down along the Bayfront. They offer a ton of extra services for purchase, including an officiant, bride pick up, and even decorating. With a bar and bathroom on board you don’t need to look far at all to find the perfect on the water wedding. And of course each wedding comes with complimentary champagne!

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