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What to do with kids in St. Augustine

Dolphin Tour St. Augustine

St. Augustine is full of activities, with everything from pirates in the street and dolphins in the water, it can be overwhelming to make plans for you and your family. Not everything in St- Augustine is kid friendly but there are so many great options for the whole family when you visit town. If you are lost for inspiration look no further but this guide!


Start your day on the water! 


There is no better way to start the day than by hitting the water and seeing some wildlife! St. Augustine has huge amounts of animals teeming at our shores, and you don’t need to go very far to see it! Florida Water Tours offers a morning dolphin and wildlife tour so your kids can get their fill of marine life first thing in the day. The tour is led by wildlife experts who can spot a manatee out of the water. This tour regularly sees dolphins and birds, and often sees sharks, tarpon, and manatees. Did you know that adult male dolphins are such good friends that they spend their whole lives holding hands? We didn’t wither until this tour! Start your day seeing dolphins and learning cool facts, this tour is always a hit!

a man flying through the air over a body of water

Time for Lunch


There is nothing like a whole morning on the water to make you hungry! After your tour you could hop right over to the odd birds cafe. Going on the water with Florida Water Tour gets you 10% off at Odd Birds Cafe, and they have one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town, it’s a Win-Win! If you are not in the mood for grilled cheese and sandwiches, you could hop right over to Vinny’s and get some pizza. No matter what you are in the mood for, there are plenty of options right next to Florida Water Tours. 


Check out the downtown-in Style


There is no end of amazing things to see downtown in St. Augustine, how could you even fit all of them in one day? We think the best way to treat your family is with a fancy carriage ride around the downtown. See all the historical buildings and the beautiful bayfront, all while being pulled along by a majestic horse. This fancy carriage ride is always a huge hit with little princesses and princes, and anyone who loves horses. 


Our Dinner Recommendation


After this much activity, your little ones are sure to have a huge appetite. Our favorite on the water restaurant, kingfish grill! With its wide variety of food, it’s got mac and cheese for the kids and sushi for you. The entire dinner is accompanied by beautiful views of the intracoastal. Kingfish grill is another restaurant where you get 10% off for having joined Florida Water Tours. Dinner and a deal!


Some Hands On Fun


Time to let your kids do some interactive activities! Come out on the free community science tour with Florida Water Warriors. Florida Water Warriors is a nonprofit organization that gives low cost/no cost tours for students of all ages and backgrounds. On this 1 hour tour, your kids will help sample water, look for wildlife and put plankton under the microscope. All this data gets collected and sent out to scientific organizations to help preserve our natural world. Give your kids a cool, educational, and memorable experience while supporting a local nonprofit! 

a group of people standing next to a body of water

There is no end to the fun things that you can do with your family in St. Augustine! For some ideas of fun after the kids go to bed, check out all the tours Florida Water Tours has to offer.

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